Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Starting with December 2005, within the framework of the GTZ (German Technical Cooperation Bureau) Project on „Support to Ungheni Border Region”, the UBSC provides the following training courses to SMEs:
Training Courses
Nr. of days

Internet and e-commerce in business world 10
Advertising and promotion of enterprise 5
Incoterms /Cross-border trade. Legal aspects 10
Successful farming 8
Business transaction management 5
Marketing. Market research 5
Economic correspondence and business communication 5
Business accountancy 12
Business ethics 3
Customs procedures 5
Financial management 4
Business Plan elaboration 3
Cost and price formation 4
1C Accounting 10
Ecological agriculture – an opportunity for successful farming 3
Fundraising. Writing a successful proposal 10

Monday, January 03, 2005

March 2005. In the framework of a subcontract with the Ungheni FEZ, UBSC has performed a market survey on local Financing Resources available for SMLE/NGO sectors.
The objective of the study was to identify all financing schemes available in Moldova, especially to identify those, available for Ungheni SME’s, as well as to asses the level of accessibility to financing resources. As a result of this Survey, a “Financing Resources for Ungheni Businesses” Guide has been developed.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Starting with January, 2005, in the framework of the current EU/IBBP project “Boosting the Cross-Border Economic Cooperation Capacity of the Moldovan Companies”, as result of the Feasibility Study, performed by UBSC, the following technical assistance services (training/counseling/information) services are provided for the local SMEs:

• Marketing
• Effective selling
• Customer Care
• Financial control
• Quality management

• Marketing planning
• Business planning
• Financial planning

• Legal and technical information
• EU legislation/programs
• Domestic market trends and partners
• External investors
• Transfer of technological know-how
• Trade fairs